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Prestashop Protect Contents & Images And Disabled Right Click Module
  • Prestashop Protect Contents & Images And Disabled Right Click Module

Prestashop Protect Contents & Images And Disabled Right Click Module

Anyone can easily copy and download images, text, source code, or tags from your Prestashop store pages by right-clicking on them. There may be sensitive data on your website that you do not want others to copy.

This module will protect your product images, contents, and other items from theft by disabling right-click and other shortcut keys such as text selection, right-click copy/paste, and drag/drop.


Protect your contents & images from being copied by users/theft.

It'll be disabled right-click to save product images & contents from being stolen & captured.

Also disabled shortcut keys:

- Text-selection

- Right-click

- Copy/Paste

- Drag/Drop

What this module does for you

done Admin can disable the Right Click on the frontend.

done Admin can disable the Text Selection so that the user can not select any content from the frontend.

done Admin can disable the Drag & Drop so that the user can not drag any images to another screen.

done Admin can set Pop up Warning when user attempt to use Right Click.

done Admin can allow the specific user's by adding their IP address.

done Admin can also disable many shortcut keys such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+S, and so on.

done The title can be multi-lang by the admin.

done The warning message can also be multi-lang by the admin.

done Admin can configure title & description's font size, color, and background color for the pop window.

done Admin can choose whether the user sees a close button with a warning pop-up window or not.

done Warning pop up can be close automatically, on basis of time interval

done The title for the close button can be multi-lang by the admin.

done Close Button: Font Color, Background Color & Hover Color can be configurable.

What your customer will like

  • A pop-up alert will let the customer about the restriction on the website.


General Specifications-

  • Stop Right Click Activity

  • Stop Drag and Drop.

  • Stop Text Selection.

  • Allow special users by adding their Ip Addresses.

Message Setting-

  • Pop-up warning title can be set by admin in multi lang.

  • Pop-up warning messages can be set by admin in multi lang.

  • Font size, color, and background of pop-up warning window can be configurable now.

  • The close button can be configurable to display or not.

  • Warning pop up can be close automatically, on basis of time interval

  • The button-close title can be set by admin in multi lang.

  • Button-close font color, background color, and hover color can be configurable now.

More Restrictions- 

Stop various shortcut keys such as

Ctrl+c - Prevent copying the content

Ctrl+v - Prevent pasting the content

Ctrl+s - Prevent saving web page.

Ctrl+w - Prevent from closing window/web page

Ctrl+s - Prevent from print the web page

Ctrl+x - Prevent from copy/cut the content

Ctrl+z - Prevent the undo option


Step: 1 Install the zip and configured all the various selections based on your requirement.

Step: 2 Once you configure all the various selection disabilities of the shortcut to prevent your content from being copied by the customer.

Step: 3 Check out in front, all the things will be prevented as per the configuration.

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