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Following are the terms and conditions laid out by Weblytic Labs Pvt Ltd, adherence to these regulations is an obligation and any activity that breaks these rules violates copyright laws and will be subject to prosecution. We do reserve the right to revoke any invalid or illegal license.

You agree to the following terms(Agreement) by purchasing or downloading any of Weblytic Labs modules products (software):

  • We are the owner and copyright holder of our products (software). Without our prior approval, you cannot use any of our codes in any of your products, service, or anywhere else.
  • You may not give, sell, distribute, sub-license, rent, lease or lend our resources (Software and documentation) to anyone.
  • Placing our resources on publically accessible networks is strictly prohibited such as the Internet.
  • You are responsible for the perseverance of copyright information such as text/links at bottom of templates.
  • We do reserve the right to publish a selected list of our clients on our website or other resources.
  • You are responsible for any kind of damage such as profit/saving loss, business, or information that arises by the use or inability to use of our resources. We are not liable for any such damage.
  • We are not liable for prosecution for any illegal activity carried out from the use of this software.
  • Failing to follow any of these rules or regulations will be considered a breach of agreement and could end up in the termination of your license to use this software. We retain the right to revoke such license under our sole discretion.
  • We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time which shall be in the good favor of both us and our clients.
  • To terminate the license you will destroy all the copies of this software and uninstall it from wherever it is in usage. This termination does not require us to return the amount spend for purchasing this software.
  • Continuing to the usage of our resources when a formal notice of agreement/license termination has been issued, you accept to pay all the associated costs for any penalization, damages, or legal work.


  • You will receive free upgrades whenever a revision is made by us to any of our products e.g. Example Product v 1.0, Example Product v 1.1, and so on.
  • As our customer, you can freely download these upgrades from the “My Downloads” section of our website once you are logged in. We send alerts for such updates via the selected mode of correspondence such as email.

Email Address

It is your obligation to provide us with the correct contact information for order processing and future correspondence. You should update us if this information is changed so that we may update our records for future correspondence.


Once your payment is verified, you can instantly download your product from the “My Download” section. For any delays please check the status of your payment via payment processor or contact us for further resolution.

We reserve the right

We reserve the right to refuse our services and products for adults, alcohol, or any illegal work-related websites.


We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you can justify that our software did not provide the required functionality which is offered. Read carefully the product description before purchasing; ask any questions you have prior to it so that you are never in any doubt. Additional functionality costs extra charges because it is additional.

In case you require a refund, please write to us with the justification of why you require a refund. Send us complete details of your order with the invoice.

Note:- Please note that no refunds are provided on installation and customer work

Company Information 

Weblytic Labs Pvt Ltd

14/4, Bhagirathi, Sector 9

Rohini, Delhi 110085


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